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It's time the internet was just a little more Quiet.

Quiet is a content blocker for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac that will not only give you peace of mind when you and your family are browsing the internet, but also block out all of the unwanted distractions when you need it most.

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Block unwanted distractions, we all have work that needs to get done but we also have access to the world's knowledge at our fingertips. Sometimes that gets in the way, whether it's a Wikipedia rabbit hole or the latest TikTok trends. Quiet can block those websites and more so you can get your work done without distraction.

"Being not able to click on a social media link send by a friend is not only a time saver but it also preserve your mental health." - amedawar

  • Block Social Media websites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and much more. Keep those distractions at bay with Quiet.
  • Block addictions like: Porn, Gambling, Movie TV Streaming and Food delivery services. Keep those addictions at bay with Quiet and start a better life today.
  • Upgrade your devices security by blocking trackers that can follow you around the internet, and blocking crypto miner scripts that use your device to mine crypto coins.
  • Hide annoying stuff, hide some of the most irritating parts of the websites you need to visit as well. Block notification popups, chat bubbles, share buttons, and more all from one app.

Network Filter

Quiet on Mac has a super power, too. The ability to block distractions system-wide and not just those found in Safari. Want to prevent the Twitter app from getting in the way of your work or Chrome from being your go-to crutch? Quiet can help! You'll be safe from your most troublesome distractions and free to use your Mac for something more productive.

Search Cleaner

Clean your search results by just declaring a list of words in Quiet you don't like. Any search results containing any of those words will be hidden. From plain text words to website adresses.

Support for Google, Bing and Yandex, DuckDuckGo is coming soon...

This is a feature of Quiet 3.1 or later and requires iOS 15 and/or macOS 11.

It's time to reclaim your Safari browsing experience. It's time the internet was just a little more Quiet.

5 Star Review

It’s sad that the internet has gotten to the point where an app like Quiet is needed - but here we are... I appreciate that Quiet strikes the balance of blocking prying eyes but allowing ads. As annoying as ads are they are the necessary evil to keep your favorite websites afloat. I have this app installed on all my devices and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of sanity back when using the web, especially social media skeptics like myself. Also, the devs are highly responsive to feedback and suggestions. They’re good people. Requests: the ability to block TikTok and Baidu would be greatly appreciated.

~ NeonRanger on 2020/10/14

Quiet does not offer any in-app purchases or subscriptions and no data is collected. You can read more about our privacy policy here: https://lighthouse16.com/privacy/

Note: Quiet does not block ads on the webpages you visit.