Developing apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch


We’ve always believed that apps should be so easy to use and intuitive that you know how to use them from the moment you log on. We also believe that developing them should be quick, efficient and enjoyable. When we couldn’t find a team that made all of those things happen, we decided to make our own.

Lighthouse16 founded in 2016 by Peter Cammeraat and is proud to be based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We’re a focused and dedicated team of digital creatives that care about the end result as much as you do. It’s why we work on every project and application as if it were our own, perfecting those all-important fine details that make a real difference to the user experience.

Our approach has seen us sell apps in 175 countries and counting, and allowed us to connect with businesses, entrepreneurs and aspirational individuals all over the world. Whilst we’ve expanded and grown, we’ve made sure we stay true to our core values that got us here in the first place.

We put privacy and security at the core of every app we develop, and build everything we put our name to in line with the very latest guidelines and best practices. Everything is fully encrypted and your data remains yours for a lifetime. We don’t want to have access to it, we never sell it and we always make sure it stays on your device or is stored securely in the cloud. The result is an app that allows anyone to log on with peace of mind, get exactly what they need, and then continue with their day.

To deliver intuitive user experiences that add value with the click of a button, we focus on creating apps for the Apple ecosystem. That means you can connect with your audience in the palm of their hand, on their tablet, on their wrist as well as through their laptop, TV or desktop. When you bring them all together you get a truly immersive experience that allows you to reach out and connect with your audience whenever they need you.

Central to our way of doing business is the lighthouse that gives us our name. We stand for longevity, security and guidance in a world where you never want to leave things to chance.

We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.